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4 Workstations

4 Workstations

The MICROS Workstation 4 is the most popular POS system in the world.1 Released in 2003, there are over 200,000 installed units all over the world.11 Basically, the MICROS Workstation 4 leaves costly PC-type hardware in the Stone Age where it belongs, and brought the low-cost, reliable and easy to use Point of Sale systems into the future!

The Workstation 4 has no moving parts, fans or hard drives which means that it's virtually silent and is less likely to break for mechanical reasons.1 It's also cheaper to operate and run than other PC based POS systems.1

The MICROS Workstation 4 is environmentally friendly and complies with Europe's environmental standards requirements as well as California's.1 The MICROS Workstation 4 does it by requiring less than half the energy (electricity) of other POS systems.

So you want to save 50% on your electric bill, one of the highest expenses in the restaurant industry, then buy a MICROS Workstation 4.1 If you want to save even more on your operating costs, buy it on eBay

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